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Covid-19: Overcoming challenges facing families and autism patients

Whiles the Covid -19 pandemic has shown to be a stumbling block to the economy and to the way of life for most of the population since it appearance last year, which has lead to job loss of hundreds of people in the community. but thanks to remote working and advanced technology, autistic people are able to progress against all odds.

Have you ever wondered what it will feels like to have autism in this pandemic situation? do you know any person or family member that suffers from such disorder? and how are you going to teach them how to be safe?. as Ghana is slowly coming out of a partial lockdown , many families of people having this disorder are struggling to to figure a way to support their autistic children during this pandemic.

As at Friday 2nd , April National autism awareness day was kicked off, with this month marked as autism awareness month, since it's introduction, autism awareness has become an aspect for many  with increased focus to various aspects of autism; this year’s theme being ‘Transition to Adulthood’,

Autism which is a long-life neuro-disorder or brain disorder , affects the basic senses of individuals and causes problems with ones communication, social interaction and behavior, hence adolescents with this disorder face a lot of challenges in accessing information and services, Also while girls are more prone to sexual and gender based violence, boys with autism are more likely to exhibit violence to girls without knowing it, therefore a need to create services to cater for adolescent people with autism.

On 2nd April, World Autism Awareness Day, the Autism Ambassadors of Ghana and UNFPA Ghana joins the rest of the world to provide strategies and solutions to support adolescents with autism in their smooth transition from adolescence to adulthood.

The empire state building was lit in blue in honor of the 14th autism awareness day on April 2nd 2021 in New York City.

The Porte de Bourgogne in Bordeaux, western France was illuminated blue for world Autism awareness.

The public is encouraged to embrace knowledge on autism to reduce the stigma and violence towards adolescents and youth with autism, while supporting them to make healthy decisions with regards to their sexual and reproductive health. The media and civil society groups, as partners in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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