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Shield Yourself From Dying With Mango Leaves. This Is How

The most effective method to shield yourself from death every night with mango leaves 

Death fears mango leaves because of the smell it conveys. Mango leaves contains in it, a bonifiyer, a profound word for fire which produces limitless smell which makes any bad spirit terrified of it. 

Realizing this can generally help you use it well. Utilizing it relies upon you and the danger level you face profoundly. 

This post is to instruct you on the best way to utilize the mango leaves in securing yourself while sleeping. You can likewise utilize it if your soul has been down for a few days; your soul been down must mean a something very awful is going to occur or has occurred to you. 

In other to make this work for you, one must boil some mango leaves in water and bath with it atleast 3times a week before bed or going on a very long journey. Try not to let anybody see you doing it since is a special ritual and might not be effective with the presence of others. In an off chance that anybody or a terrible soul is after you, this trick will keep them far away from you for days and you can also have a sound mind.

Mango grows at anyplace in Ghana. Indeed, even in certain areas of Accra at regions with see sand, mango trees can be identified there and you can get some to plug anyplace around you so get it yourself. 

Prior to stopping the leaves, when you get to the mango plant, since you are utilizing it as security say this in your tongue whether Twi, GA, Ewe, or whatever language you talk, say this in your language prior to stopping the leaves. "Darling, I need two of your youngsters for a task, kindly award me the approval to take" hang tight for 3seconds then get the leaves you need. The one you touch is the one you plug. 

On a similar plant don't contact multiple leaves, simply plug your two leaves and say Thank You and leave. While going, don't turn around until you about 1000 feet from the plant. 

When you get home, each night, you prepare this ritual before bathing and you do every 3 days to secure your life and success.

You can also do this activity with your family or better still, alert your loved ones on this trick to protection from the spirit of death at night and even during the day. Mango trees are a repelling agent to the spirit of death.

Thanks for reading.

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