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Do You Throw Up Or Feel Like Throwing Up When You Are Traveling? This Is For You

So you always feel nauseous or lightheadedness whenever you travel a long distance in a bus, a plane or ship. You may have what is referred to as motion sickness.

Motion sickness is the feelings of dizziness or nauseousness as a result of different interpretations of your eyes and vestibular system to movement. Your eyes may interpret a moving plane in which you are seated to be stationary while your vestibular system which controls your balance and posture, may interpret it as moving. This discrepancy causes an inbalance in your system causing you to have headaches and feel like throwing up.

This article elaborates on how you can easily manage motion sickness.

1. Watch what you eat

When traveling, be careful about what you eat. Especially for people with motion sickness, avoid alcoholic beverages and foods that make you feel full. Foods with strong scents can trigger nauseousness. Avoid foods that have strong odors and aromas. Ensure that you do not eat too much.

2. Choose a good position

Choose a seat that exposes you to the least motion. Make sure you aren't facing opposite the direction of your travel. Also make sure that where you are seated doesn't expose you to the strong scents of petrol.

For cars, buses and trains, the front seats are the best as it allows your eyes to properly interpret movement.

For aircrafts, the middle seats have the least motion.

If you're traveling in a ship, people in lower cabins experience less motion than those in higher cabins.

3. Distraction

When traveling, distract yourself with conversations. Avoid reading as it increases the chances of having motion sickness.

Whatever you do, avoid talking about motion sickness as it could trigger it.

On roads, try looking in front, at the horizon. You can lay down and sleep when you feel too sick.

4. Ginger

Studies show that motion sickness can greatly be reduced with the help of ginger. Take one or two grams of ginger prior to travel as a preventive measure against motion sickness.

5. Medication

Drugs such as Scopolamine and Meclizine are effective for preventing motion sickness. For people with severe symptoms, see you doctor to preach any of these andore medications for motion sickness.

What do you think about motion sickness and what other remedies do you know? Let me know in the comments section. Share with your friends to keep them informed.

Thanks for reading.

Stay safe.

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