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How to tightening loose private part

The private part (vagina) is an understandable organ in the body.The muscles surrendering the the private part (vagina) is compared to that of the muscles on the arms and the legs.

When you do more exercises,the muscles of the arms and the legs changers it's strength, length and and height.It is the same thing when it comes to the muscles walls of the private part (vagina).

Am going to take you steps by steps on how to tightening a loose private part (vagina) in 1week.

Before we start this procedure,make sure you are mentally and physical fit to prevent any changers in the private part (vagina).


This is a great low-risk exercise that can be perform anytime through out your day.

How to start with pelvic floor exercise

1. Clench the muscles in your private part (vagina) as though you are trying to hold in urine

2. Hold for 3-5 seconds and released, always release at 5 seconds time to prevent stress on the private part (vagina) wall muscles because it doesn't work with much pressure.

3. Repeat this up to 10 times in one session and for up to three sessions a day.

Note. it is not about how many times you sleep with a man that causes the private part (vagina) loosening.


Urinary tract infection is also one thing that can cause changers in the private part (vagina) such as it's length and height.

By controlling this will prevent urinary tract infection can also help keep the private part (vagina) in it's size.

Follow this steps to keep you going with tight private part (vagina).

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