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Six(6) mistakes you should never do at your Doctor's office as a patient

There are a lot of mistakes we make when visiting our doctor's office, and these mistakes can result in not receiving the right treatment. Below are some of the mistakes we should avoid when visiting our doctor's office:

1. Never tell your doctor what to do: the doctor only needs information about your health issues to diagnose and prescribe the right medication for you. You can only ask questions about anything you don't understand. This means you should not interfere with anything that has to do with diagnosing and drugs prescribed by your doctor.

2. Talk to the doctor yourself: if you can communicate well with the doctor, there is no need to allow your relatives to talk on your behalf. You know how your condition is more than anyone else. The person to talk on your behalf may not present the information about your health as it's supposed to be to the doctor, which may lead to wrong drug prescriptions.

3. Don't always be in hurry: no matter how long it may take your doctor to diagnose and prescribe the right medication for you, just be patient, and never give your doctor an excuse to attend to someone or go home when you are under treatment.

4. Never save the most vital aspect of your health-related issue for last: it's always good to list all the symptoms you're having on paper before visiting your doctor, this will make the doctor triage and determine which symptoms are the most important to handle first.

5. Do not criticize your previous doctors: don't pit your doctors against each other and have an open mind when listening to their recommendations. It could be that you did not report the right information about your health to your previous doctors.

6. Anything that has to do with a phone conversation should not be done at your doctor's office because it disrupts their work.

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