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Breast Cancer Awareness; Men Help Women Fight Breast Cancer By Following These Scientific Research

The month October of every blessed year is set aside to teach and educate men and women on how to help most of the women to avoid the risk of getting breast cancer.

In this month, the General Health Department create awareness for all men and women to know that breast cancer is real and and a joke. They also make it clear and necessary to every woman to make sure that they allow their partners to suck their breasts within the same month.

In today's write up, i bring to you about the things that both men and women need to do to help prevent a woman from getting breast cancer;

1. The male partner must always suck the breast of his female partner.

Regular sucking of the breast lowers the risk level that tends to build up lumps, leading to breast cancer. Scientific research proves that, the breast must be sucked as often as possible.

Doing this to your female partner helps her to fight against breast cancer completely.

2. Female partner must always be ready to give her breast to her male partner to suck when the need arises.

Scientific research also reveals that, the more often that a woman keeps her breast away from her man to suck, the more the risk level of getting the breast cancer also increases. So in this case, women can also responsible for preventing breast cancer by endeavour to make these breast available for sucking regularly.

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What is your take on the fact that, women should be responsible to endeavour to make their breasts available for regular sucking?

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