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3 Importance of Vitamin B1 For The Body

Your body needs a variety of vitamins to work the way it should. One of them is vitamin B1. Also known as thiamine, B1 helps your body turn food into energy. Here are some importance of vitamin V1 for the body.

1. Boosts energy production.

When sugar mixes with vitamin B1, it becomes energy for your body to use. B1 helps make this process faster while supporting the other enzymes.

2. Reduces the effects of sepsis.

Sepsis, a severe response to an infection, can become fatal if your vitamin B1 levels are low. Alon with vitamin C, thiamine can reduce the effects of sepsis. It can also lower the risk of kidney failure that often results from the infection.

3. Good for diabetes.

If you have diabetes, think about getting more thiamine. High blood sugar and insulin levels improve after taking vitamin B1 for 6 weeks. B1 also helps reduce high blood pressure and heart complications in people with diabetes.

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