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Two reasons you must not eat this food

Two reasons you must not eat this food

One of the growing foods in Ghana today is burger, cheese and crackers. Some prefers it hot, whiles others prefers it mild and warm. But these foods which are scrumptious and mouthwatering, can go a long way to destroy your future if you don't stop eating it. After visiting my fried on the hospital this morning, I have his permission to share something with you today, if you are the kind who likes eating burgers. 

Jose as we usually call him for Joseph, is a man I witnessed his wedding and upbringing. He was the kind who cherished anyone he came to meet, and never made discouraging impression against anyone. He got married in 2017, and has since been struggling with childless marriage. Jose since his marriage, thought it was the wife who wasn't proactive, and did what he can to make her see a therapist. The wife was not bothered when her husband started pushing her from hospital to hospital, clinics to clinics, fertility centres to orthopedic surgeons. Never did anyone of these specialist found a problem with the wife, and that gave Jose, an impression to see a doctor himself. 

He was examined by four different doctors, and they all concluded, it was he who had the problem. Because of things, I won't share the particular sickness he was suffering from. But all that can be made public was, his waist wasn't been in good standing to give forth a child. Doctors after several medical examination, found Jose to be the one having the problem. Doctors connected his problem to an ingredient found in floor, and it was later confirmed that, it was bread. 

Jose was a number one fun of burger, which is meat and bread. The meat wasn't a problem but the bread, was the problem. The bread has increased his sugar level to a point, where he needs to be placed on expensive medications. Bread contains glycemic index, which will cause your sugar level to rise, the more you are eating it. It will cause you waist pains, which will gradually leads to diabetes, if care is not taken. 

This can prevent a lot of things from happening in your immune system, and as a result, can create major problems. Problems like low fertility rate of your organs, will make it impossible to father a child, so it is very important to stop eating bread. At least once a week, is ok than twice, or thrice or daily. Take this measures carefully, and save your life. 

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