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Free Advice: These Mindsets Will Help You Avoid Diseases and Stop Paying Hospital Bills Regularly

Most illnesses in our society are psychosomatic. Psycho is the mind and soma means the body. Most of our fears go back to childhood when love has been given and taken back constantly from us. Prolonged fears make you physically ill. It changes the blood chemistry and leads to diseases such as ulcers, cancer, stroke, phlebitis, internal congestions.

Most skin breakouts are caused by negative emotions like anger, fear and worry. Most of the problems in our body can be associated one way or the other back to these.

The antidote to this using positive affirmations like: I can do it! Saying I can do it multiple times whenever faced with a challenge can clear all negative self-doubt and supercharge you to act. Each time you say that your fear goes down and your confidence goes up.

Whenever you feel under compulsion to do something you do not feel like doing, just say to yourself: I don’t have to.

One of the key negative emotions that deflates self confidence the most is guilt and it must be avoided at all cost. It causes feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt. 

Try as much as possible to avoid people who are manipulative and try to use criticism to control people. Find your happiness and fulfillment through positive environments and engaging with positive people.


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