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Speculations : Ghanains Feel Reluctant To Take Covid-19 Vaccine. Claims it is Trial On black Lives.

Although the agony of the corona virus pandemic has dragged on for months, the unprecedented swiftness with which scientists developed a vaccine to combat Covid-19 is nothing short of remarkable. No other vaccine in human history has been created in such a speed.

Some Ghanaians have expressed reluctance to take the vaccine, a wariness in of it been a trial on them.

Some Ghanaians explains structural discrimination of the vaccines.They express distrust or reluctance about medical treatment.

Around 1943,Us federal government recruited Black men in Macon County, Alabama, who had already contracted syphilis. The men were told they would be treated for syphilis, but the actual purpose of the study was to learn whether untreated syphilis progressed differently in Black people compared with White people.

The federal government never intended to provide treatment, and though penicillin became widely available in 1943, the men were not treated. At least 28 and about 100 men died from syphilis or its complications by the time the study was halted in 1972. Hundreds went on to infect their wives.

Some Netizens have linked this incident to the arrival of the covid-19 vaccine in Ghana as a Trial, and experimental.Reports from United States proves blacks to cover two thirds of the total lives lost in this deadly pandemic.

This has sparked speculations and many believe it to be.Recently , Pastor Chris Onyakhilome of Christ Embassy warned Ghanaian leaders tip be wise and vigilant claiming those people who despise blacks throughout history , how could they produce vaccines to cure us.

What do you think about this speculations.Drop your comments below.

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