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50 Unique Bad Habits That You Must Break In Your Every Day Life, To Become Stable.

There are some bad habits or actions we want to stop, and some of these habits affect our bodies. For instance, eating at the night can make you fat and look unhealthy, tired, and sleepy most of the time. Some habits might not be about the time you eat or the type of food you eat at that time, but rather certain behavior you exhibit, like biting your nail, sleeping while your mouth is opened, or bathing three times a week.

So, I will be listing about 50 habits you and I do sometimes, or do it when we forget ourselves or do it every single day in our lives, that we need to break.

  1. Stress Eating.
  2. Nail Biting.
  3. Hanging out with Naysayers.
  4. Being with People Who Don’t Appreciate You.
  5. Smoking.
  6. Excessive Drinking.
  7. Eating Junk Food.
  8. Eating Too Much Red Meat.
  9. Watching Too Much TV.
  10. Being Late.
  11. Being in Bad Relationships.
  12. Leaving Things to the Last Minute.
  13. Focusing on the Negatives.
  14. Talking Instead of listening.
  15. Getting drunk often.
  16. Fighting.
  17. Stealing.
  18. Fighting over girls(If you are doing that, STOP!!!!!).
  19. Washing every month.
  20. Overusing your phone.
  21. Watching porn.
  22. Watching too much anime and movie. (It is okay if you have nothing to do.)
  23. Lying when you know the truth.
  24. Not drinking too much water.
  25. Spending women's money.
  26. Buy your own food. (No sharing or Boys Boys.)
  27. Buy your own sneakers. (Do not rent sneakers from your friends.)
  28. Having sex too much when you are not married.
  29. Judging other people.
  30. Disrespecting people your age and older than you.
  31. Bragging too much.
  32. Wearing the same cloth for one week or one month.
  33. Stereotyping
  34. Wearing heels. (Then after church you change. Stop!!!!!)
  35. Nose picking.
  36. Wearing earphones for many hours.
  37. Sleeping less than 7 or 8 hours.
  38. Recording yourself during sex.
  39. Carrying a heavy bag to things every time.
  40. Sleeping when your makeup is on.
  41. Taking medicines every day.
  42. Worrying too much about your pimples.
  43. Not doing your homework.
  44. Doing perverted stuff.
  45. Overthinking things.
  46. Letting people push you around.
  47. Not listening to your mother.
  48. Masturbating too much.
  49. Not brushing your teeth.
  50. Running away from your troubles or problem.
  51. Impulsively surfing the internet. (Like you do not head.)
  52. Multitasking.
  53. Comparing yourself to others.
  54. Not thinking before you act.
  55. Not telling the girl you love "I LOVE YOU."

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