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Here Are Some Symptoms Of Autism One Must Watch out For

Symptoms can vary greatly in scope and severity. Communication problems, social interaction difficulties, obsessive interests, and repetitive behaviors are all common symptoms.

People can have the following experiences:

Inappropriate social interaction, bad eye contact, compulsive behavior, impulsivity, excessive movements, self-harm, or repeated words or acts are all examples of behavioral issues.

Learning disorder or speech delay in a child are examples of developmental issues.

Cognitive: a strong desire for a small number of items or difficulty paying attention

Psychological: insensitivity to others' thoughts or depression

Anxiety, a change of voice, sensitivity to sound, or tic are all common symptoms.

What Are the Three Most Common Autism Symptoms?

Milestones that have been delayed.

A kid who is socially awkward.

The kid who has difficulty communicating verbally and nonverbally.

Is it possible to be mildly autistic?

There is no such thing as a moderate case of autism. Many people can exhibit certain autism symptoms from time to time. This may include avoiding bright lights and loud sounds, preferring solitude, and adhering to strict laws. 17

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