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Prekese and Pear seed, a perfect remedy for maintaining blood pressure

Isn't it obvious that locally or home made remedies seems to work and take effect faster and more effective than the one's bought over the counter. These local made remedies has no or low side effect on the person taking the drugs as compared to orthodox remedies.

High blood pressure or hypertension is a chronic disease which can last for years or so a life long is a condition whereby your blood pressure is above 140/90bpm. Severe high blood pressure is measured above 180/120bpm. If often shows no symptoms and with time if not treated results in other serious poor health conditions such as heart diseases and stroke. It has many causes which includes a diet high in salt, cholesterol and fats. Other health conditions such as diabetes can cause hypertension.

In this article, I will be talking about two wonderful natural products of plants that when combined and prepared in a specific procedure will serve as one of the best natural remedy for maintaining the human blood pressure.

Tetrapleura tetraptera Prekese ( Pr3k3s3) which originates from only two countries across the globe being Ghana and Israel and is best approved for preparing most of the local dishes due to its taste and fragrance.

On the other hand, Carica Papaya generally known as pear is one of nature's palatable fruits which can be taken alongside different meals and snacks. It is one of Ghanaians preferred fruit.

Getting on to business, let's go through the procedure's involved in creating one of the best home made remedy for High or low blood pressure.

Preparing traditional medicines takes some hence it's advisable to get all your ingredients and utensils ready. You will need at least 5 prekese and about ten avocado pear seeds as ingredients. You must also get yourself a mortgage and pestle, it will be of major use on the preparation. A bowl and a silver pan and a source of fire should be set also.

With all these set, you need to remove the seed coat of the avocado pear seed and also cut the Pr3k3s3 into small parts. After you must pound both in the mortar using the pestle. A smooth and uniform mixture should be obtained before gently pouring the mixture into a clean bowl as stated earlier. The mixture should then be poured into warm water and gently stir until another uniform misture is obtained. 

Once obtained, you can then store in a bottle and stored in a cool dry place. Just as simple, your are done preparing one of the best and approved local remedy for maintaining blood pressure. It should be taken a cup three times daily. 

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