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Here is Why You Should Use African Pepper, Small Cola, Ginger, And Djeka

African pepper has virtues that relieve gastro-enteritis, bronchitis and heals painful periods that make medicines even effective and helps in treating gastroenteritis. Pepper spices life and keeps us healthy, African pepper keeps medicines for a long time, some traditional drugs are crushed to treat many illnesses.

African pepper

How to use it as an African afrodisiac.

Combine a little cola with 'Ginger' and African pepper.

Small cola

"Little cola" is very much consumed by men, has very important virtues.


"Little cola," "ginger" and "african pepper" containing substances whose virtues are widely known and widely used in infusion are consumed by a powerful African aphrodisiac.


You need to have at least 5 small colas, a pod of ginger and some African pepper to get this miracle potion.

1. Clean with salted or bleached water thoroughly.

2. Pound it all in a morter

3. Take the dough and boil it in a clean container for a minimum of 15 minutes.

African pepper has numerous benefits

Drink this infusion at bedtime, at least one week, moderately every night. The result is guaranteed.

How to use djeka seeds?

The seeds are a powerful antibiotic for the privacy of women like the djeka leaves. They are even more efficient than the Djeka leaves.

What are the benefits of djeka seeds?

1. It combats itching and private part smell in women.

2. Relief painful periods

3. Treats infections of urinary tract

4. Cure stomach injuries

5. Relaxes pain in kidneys and back

The seeds of Djeka, which purify the stomach, cure birth wounds and the leaves of Djeka also make the interior more warm and welcoming.

You only need to boil some seeds and add some African pepper, allow it to cool and use for personal hygiene.

To be repeated every other day.

Drink herbal tea Djeka 2 to 3 times daily to reduce bowel fat. It is also a powerful antibiotic against infections. Gongoli, Nep Nep, clove, four-sided fruits and African pepper can be associated with infusing and drinking.

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