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At Last The Real Causes Of Cancer Has Finally Been Revealed

Otto Heinrich Warburg, born October 8, 1883 in Freiburg im Breisgau (Baden-Württemberg), died in Berlin, was a German physician, physiologist and biochemist. Doctor of chemistry and doctor of medicine, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine for his discovery of key processes of cellular respiration and of different enzymatic systems.

Having demonstrated that cancer cells change their metabolism to anaerobic metabolism, he formulated the unconfirmed hypothesis that cancer cannot grow in an oxygen-rich environment. Among his students, the most famous is Hans Adolf Krebs, also Nobel Prize winner in 1953.

Nobel Laureate Dr Otto Warburg H has dedicated his life to the study and cause of cancer. Dr Warburg was Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (now the Max Planck Institute) for Cellular Physiology in Berlin.

In 1931 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for this important discovery on the cause of cancer. He said: Cancerous tissue is acidic, while healthy tissue is alkaline. Water divides into H + and OH- ions, if there is excess H +, it is acidic. If there is an excess of OH-, then it is alkaline.

Dr. Warburg was one of the prominent physiologists of the 20th century, and he discovered that the cause of cancer is too much acidity in the body, meaning that the pH in the body is below the normal level of 7.365, which constitutes an acidic state. Warburg studied tumor metabolism and cell respiration and found that cancer cells persist and thrive at a lower pH, at 6, due to the production of lactic acid and a high concentration of CO2.

He firmly believed that there was a direct relationship between pH and oxygen. A higher pH, which is alkaline, means there is a higher concentration of oxygen molecules, while a lower pH, which is acidic, means there is a lower concentration of oxygen. It is this same oxygen that is needed to keep cells healthy.

Dr. Warburg has clearly shown that the number one cause of cancer is a lack of oxygen, which creates an acidic state in the human body. Dr. Warburg discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic and cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen, which is found in an alkaline state. Understand pH, the cause of cancer and why you have cancer and other diseases.

In his book Tumor Metabolism, he proved that all forms of cancer are characterized by two basic conditions: acidosis and hypoxia. Lack of oxygen and acidosis are two sides of the same coin: if you have one, you have the other. All normal cells have an absolute need for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen, and that's the rule. Deprive a cell of 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours, it can become cancerous.

Cause of cancer: why should pH concern us?

Since we are 60-70% water, the pH level has very profound effects on body chemistry, health and disease. All regulatory mechanisms (respiration, circulation, digestion, hormone production) aim to balance the pH, ridding the body and tissues of acid residues without damaging living cells. If the pH deviates, too acidic or too alkaline, cells poison themselves with their own toxic waste and die.

Like acid rain on a forest and alkaline waste in a lake, an imbalanced pH corrodes human tissue, consuming thousands of miles of veins and arteries, like corrosives attack marble. If left unregulated, an imbalanced pH can interrupt cellular activities and functions, such as the heartbeat and sparks between neurons in the brain.

According to Dr. Enderlein's research, a total cure of chronic diseases can only occur when the blood is brought back to a normal, slightly alkaline pH.

By learning to manipulate these two factors that are thought to cause cancer, we can reduce or reverse the cancer process. Recall that pH is an exponential number of 10. So a little difference in pH translates into a big difference in the number of OH- ions. In other words, blood with a pH of 7.45 contains 64.9% more oxygen than blood, so the pH is 7.3. Cancer needs an acidic / oxygen-poor environment to survive and thrive.

Terminally ill cancer patients are about 1,000 times more acidic than they should be. This means dangerously critical oxygen levels at the cellular level. In the absence of oxygen, glucose ferments and becomes lactic acid. This lowers the pH of the cells. The pH of urine and saliva in terminally ill cancer patients is very often between 4.0 and 5.5. When the cancer turns to metastasize, the pH drops further. Our bodies cannot fight disease if the pH is not properly balanced. In other words, it either alkalines or dies.

The cause of cancer is linked to 2 factors that are always present in cancer, acidic pH and lack of oxygen.

Make sure you read through this post very well to prevent yourself from contacting this deadly disease and share with others so that they can also benefit from it

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