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#Fix the country - my take

Why do our African leaders travel abroad for medical care? Don’t our African leaders live in the same environment with us? Do they not buy food and groceries from the same market as us? Do they not drive on the same roads as us? Why do they send their children to schools abroad?

You see, our leaders know that our livelihood is shit, they know that our roads are shit, they know that our economy is shit, in fact they know that this is a shithole continent. Yes, I said it and it’s a fact. Let the truth hurt.

Now let me bring it home to Ghana. A country with a population of just about 30 to 40 million, blessed with vast mineral resources, enough to make every Ghanaian live a comfortable, decent and humane existence; but what do we see? People living in abject poverty, people eking out a debased, inhumane existence. When you are born into poverty and you have lived in it all your life you get so used to it that it becomes your normal life and you don’t even know that you are poor. It will take you coming into a different, humane environment to realize the debased state you live in. This is why some Ghanaians do not see anything wrong with our leadership. They haven’t seen any better. But you see, our leaders have. Our president, Akuffo Addo has lived and schooled in the United Kingdom; he travels around the world. He has seen better. He knows the state Ghana is in, he knows the state of our roads, he uses them. He knows the state of our health sector, that is why he seeks medical attention in more humane societies. Our leaders know that we are hungry, they know we do not have decent housing, they know we do not have access to good medical care, they know people die every year from perennial rainfall. Why hasn’t anything changed? The simple truth is that they do not care. They do not care where and how we live; they do not care how we feed; they do not care about the state of our health sector. They just don’t give a shit. All they care about is enriching themselves, then they can afford to travel abroad for needed medical care, send their children to prestigious schools abroad, buy four-wheel drives to use on our bad roads.

Now why do our leaders not care about fixing the nation? I have two reasons to give. First, it’s a class thing. Our leaders want to feel superior, want to be elite so they raise themselves above us and keep us down. They do not equip the schools to give us quality education so we don’t rise up to their level, they send their children abroad for better education so they can be superior to our children. They reserve the best neighborhoods for themselves. It’s a class thing. Let me give you some bit of history. When the so-called white man, I’m yet to see anyone who is white, came to Africa to colonize us we saw the lifestyle they lived among us and saw them to be superior. Some yearned to be like them. Those among us who were privileged to have acquired some decent education and were given white collar jobs by white man were seen by the remaining to be of a better station and more enlightened and so were envied. They had elevated to a higher class, a class closer to that of the whites. Of course, it felt good for them. They were the new elites that fought for independence and won. To remain elite, they had to keep the rest of the people down below them. This is what we still find today, It’s still an elite and proletarian society plain and simple.

The second reason is that our leadership is a reflection of our society. We take our leaders from among us, the general society. The fact is that most of us, if we get to leadership positions will do the same things our leaders are doing.

If we want to see change, we must do two things. First, we must change our mentality, we must care more about one another, we must kill our ego, that need within us to feel better than the next person. We must be willing to give a helping hand to the next person. We must be willing to rise together, all of us, together. When society changes it will reflect in our leadership. Second; in the meantime, whilst we strive to achieve this change, we must know that there are some who do not conform to society, who have set themselves apart, people who have risen above the crowd, people who have achieved change in their mentality and can rally the rest of us and cause us to change also, visionaries, revolutionaries. These are the people we need to elect as our leaders and not people who are just like the rest of us, who are unwilling to change talk less of being able to rally together the rest of us to cause any change in our thinking and behavioural pattern.

Our leaders must #fix the country and we on our part must #fix ourselves. Our leadership is a reflection of our society.


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