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3 Types of Female Reproductive Organ Discharge and Its Health Implications.

When it comes to discharges from our body, we should be very particular about certain signs about them and seek quick medical treatments. Sometimes we experience a change in the color of the discharge from our reproductive organ and we wonder how that happened and what to do. In this article, I will touch on both sexes but place much emphasis on the women. The discharge will need a medical attention based on its color, smell, and texture.

White Discharge

With the female reproductive organ; discharges with white color and thick are just normal. During the ovulation period, you are likely to experience that which gives you an indication that you are very fertile. At this stage, unprotected sex can lead to unwanted pregnancy. On the other hand, if the discharge is White with a strong fishy smell then there is a bacterial or yeast infection.

Yellow Discharge

When the color of the discharge is Yellow then there is a problem; its either you might have gotten infected with a sexually transmitted infection or bacterial infections. Also, when the discharge is yellowish without any smell then it means either your menstruation is due or early signs of pregnancy. 

Greenish Discharge

Again, when the discharge is either yellowish or greenish and foamy then are likely to be suffering from trichomoniasis and gonorrhea. If the discharge you experience comes along with some pains, itching, and abdominal cramps are also a sign of chlamydia.   We don’t often hear of these infections and most women would try treating such signs as candida.

My dear Ladies Please take note of the following;

When you experience any of the above discharges with a strong smell don’t wipe it with scented wipes or perfumes. The reproductive organ is a self-cleanser, hence you need to consult the doctor.

Those with chronic candidiasis and strong smell around the reproductive organ; and have tried all means but to no avail can try this traditional/homemade method by using Cloves (Peper).

1.     You will grind the cloves into a powder form; those in the rural communities can a Plant called soft branches of ‘’Ogyama” Plant. I know in the cities, getting the “ogyama’’ leaves will be quite difficult but using only the cloves too can help very well.   

2.     After getting the powder form of the Pepre (Cloves), put it into a container, and add water. Leave it overnight and start using it.

3.     You will dip cotton into the cloves solutions and wipe it around the female reproductive organ, it will give you some burning sensation but immediately you don’t feel the burns again and any smell after constantly using it then you stop. Else the place will become very small and you know what I mean.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my article. Please don’t forget to Like, Share, drop your comment and follow me for more health tips. 

Content created and supplied by: NanakwakuAsiedu (via Opera News )

White Discharge Yellow


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