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Be your own doctor, use this simple remedy to treat piles(Kooko) in just a matter of days

Normal Treatment for Piles and Hemorrhoids (Kooko)

Hello beautiful individuals trust everybody is doing great am back with another article which discusses Kooko

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Known in Ghana with the name of kooko. As indicated by Akan medication, the infection is a side effect of a social and grandiose problem, the result of a heavenly discipline. Kooko is a red bulge, file of an intense illness, showing up all around the body, in the cerebrum, ears, uterus, butt or penis. In the last case, kooko causes expanding sexual shortcoming.

Normal treatment

Normally, kooko can be relieved totally from 2 to 3 weeks with no aftereffects.

Get the accompanying things;

1. new pawpaw leaves

2. Bitter leaf

3. Basil leaf.

Crush all the three in little amount of water or you can decide to mix and strainer it into a glass and drink morning and night.

Then crush just the Basil leaf and apply on outer heap (hemorrhoids)

Kindly note this, kooko may be interior or outside and you may be a casualty simply that no side effects has grown at this point.

Thank you

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Akan Ghana Kooko


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