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Eight Foods You Probably Did Not Know Constipate According Health Experts

If there’s anything that gets us stuck and is unpleasant to live with, it’s constipation. Stomach aches, bloating, difficulty going to the bathroom and so on. Might as well avoid this kind of situation, right? Indeed, some foods are responsible for this bad transit. That’s why you need to have a varied and balanced diet. To avoid constipation, there are some foods that we should put aside, until the transit regulates. Let’s discover them in this particular write-up.

White rice. White rice is well known to constipate since it has no fiber. It is even recommended when suffering from gastroenteritis, so that you don’t have liquid stools anymore. This is because in reality the absence of starch and residue that do not favor the intestinal transit, it slows it down. So it’s a bad ally to have a flat stomach since you’ll tend to be more bloated! And if you love rice? It is better to prefer whole grain rice which is richer in fiber

Red meat. Red meat is a very slow food to digest, therefore it will tend to slow down the transit. It is recommended not to eat too much of it or else you will have to compensate with a large share of vegetables! Yes, you have to balance it with fiber-rich foods to counter the effects of red meat on the intestines. At the very least, it’s one more reason to become a vegetarian.

Potatoes. Just like white rice, the potato does not contain fiber. It is rich in starch and is particularly constipating in the form of French fries. The fat in the frying doesn’t help with bowel movements either. Too bad, this is the form in which I prefer the potato! Lastly, we shouldn’t totally rule it out, but cutting back on consumption when we’re constipated will do us good for sure.

Cooked carrots. Cooked food on black frying pan. Just like the banana, even if the carrot is a vegetable, there is a subtlety. Indeed, when it is raw, it is laxative. Nevertheless, as soon as it is cooked, it slows down the transit. The reason? They retain water and prevent its natural elimination. In short, if you eat them hot, carrots are cooked.

Pastries. Pastries should be avoided if you want to have a good transit. Yep, hard to find fiber and water in cream and sugar! The fat contained in pastries slows down the formation of stools, so it is better to choose fruit tarts. Let’s just say that we limit the damage if we can’t go to the bathroom!

Chocolate. Chocolate has many health benefits, nevertheless, it has consequences on our intestines. Eating it in large quantities, it will have the same effect as the other foods previously mentioned. If you prefer milk chocolate, it’s even worse! The cocoa content is more reduced and therefore there is even less fiber than in dark chocolate. To avoid constipation, it is better to choose the latter.

Junk food. Overall, all the high-fat food really does not promote bowel movement. Mind you, I’m not saying to completely deprive yourself of fast food. I would never judge since I am a practitioner of intuitive eating. But if you are constipated, junk food, often composed of fries / burger / pizza, is not going to help you. They are too rich and stagnate in the intestine as it has trouble digesting them. Once in a while, there is no problem, every day, we forget!

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