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Are The Foods We Eat Eating Us?

It used to be once upon a time....twice upon a time, but now it is every now upon a time...

It is not new or news to hear that a person is sick, since sickness was here before time was born.

What rather is alarming, is the rate at which fatal diseases grip the chest of humans these days.

I used to see alerts soliciting support for victims who needed surgeries; kidney transplants, hole in heart and the likes , once in a green moon.

But now, if I say I chance upon such adverts five times a day, then that's an understatement.

I do not know where we went wrong as a generation, to be suffering from these fatal rare illnesses, which have now become common like pebbles qms numerous like the beach sand.

Could it be that the foods we eat, are now eating us?

Or the Lord wants to pardon us from the punishments of our extravagant sins, by letting us have a taste of those punishments here on earth?

And what is even more worrying is that, these diseases usually grip none other than the youth, yes the youth. The same young persons with that strong immune system... Could it be that our bad lifestyles are making us pay this huge?

What about those innocent people who neither smoke their liver away nor drink their health away, who got their share of this unfriendly diseases too?

What disheartens me the most is when I happen to see these developments in children. Some are born with them while others development them along the line.

I always lose count of the whys leading to this situation. Is it still effect related to our diet or the various drugs and so-called products our ladies take to "look good"?

But can't the government reserve some money to cater for these urgent critical health situations?

Because, in most cases, by the time the sympathy of the public gathers the gargantuan monies needed for such critical conditions, which isn't usualky the case, the victim either dies or have his or her condition worsen.

In spite of the knowledge that exists on curing these diseases, I personally think we as a people can take steps to reduce these occurrences. We can do so by checking our diet, exercising regularly and seeking medical advice as soon as we feel slightly unhealthy.

I pray the Almighty God protect you and your family from any and all kinds of diseases. Amen.

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