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3 Foods To Avoid If You Don't Want To Be Weak In Bed

Bed performance has been a big headache for a lot of men.Some have even tried different types of concoctions just to get to where they once were.

The food you eat can make or unmake you. Therefore, knowing the types of foods that affect your performance in bed is crucial. It can help you overcome your predicament.

Both testosterone and estrogen play a significant role in the bodies of both sexes. Because of this, any disturbance in the balance of these two hormones can cause an increase or decrease in your bedroom performance.

Research shows that certain foods might affect your hormonal balance significantly, and these foods must be avoided if you want to enjoy your romance in bed.


There is a misconception that alcohol can help you perform better in bed. What it does is that it lowers your testosterone and your sexual function as well.


If the cheese you consume is derived from cow's milk, your body's hormone production, including testosterone and estrogen, can be affected.

3.White flour

All processed foods, particularly white flour, lack all the essential nutrients that are instrumental in a man's bedroom performance. One such nutrient is the mineral zinc, which is very important to the reproductive health of any man.

DISCLAIMER:Too much of everything is bad.Remember to see your doctor too if you noticed a change in your bed performance.

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