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It started as a swelling on his neck, little did he know that he was having a serious heart problem

It all began as a headache, body weakness and a painful sensation in the neck. Little did Osman know that his condition was a medical emergency. Fadil Osman is a 49 year old farmer and head porter who lives in Salaga in the Savanah region of Ghana. He cultivates millet and sorghum during the season and works as a head porter when the season is over. One day after Osman came back from his off-season work, he began to feel pains in his neck and head so he decided to take a pain killer before going to bed. He woke up the next day and realized the pain wasn't suppressing but rather elevating. He presumed the pain could be as a result of the heavy load he has been carrying so he decided to give himself a break and began some herbal treatment.

After several weeks of moving from one herbalist to another, Osman realized his condition wasn't getting any better, as his neck began to swell. The swelling became heavy and painful until he could no longer move his neck. He later decided to visit the hospital and it was at this point that he got the real explanation of what was happening.

Upon thorough examination and running several tests, doctors diagnosed Osman of a heart condition called ''SVC obstruction'' (superior vena cava obstruction), which is one of the diseases associated with the failure of the right side of the heart. The doctors explained to him that the swelling of his neck was called "jugular vein distention" and it resulted from the blockage formed in the vein that carries blood from the head to the heart. The blockage has lead to the piling up of blood in his neck region, which later resulted in a swelling.

An amount of 6000 US dollars was required for any emergency surgery. The amount was too huge for Osman and his family to bear and that left them in a state of worry and fear but to their surprise, a benevolent philanthropist who was touched by their story was willing to pay the amount in full. This brought smile back onto the face of Osman and his family.

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