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What Happens When You Smoke A Cigarette Would Amaze You

Did you know that smoking cigarettes once is harmful to your health? Did you know that each cigarette contains nicotine and other harmful substances that can cause health diseases and cancer?

Did you also know that smoking can cause cancer, breathing issues, heart diseases, diabetes, hearing loss, dental problems, stroke, and emphysema amongst others?

It is not true that smoking cigars or pipes are less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Storing or chewing tobacco is as harmful as a smoking cigarette.

Is it easy to stop smoking? Is smoking cigarette addictive? Are there any advantages to smoking cigarettes? Can Smoking kill?

Well, there is no research to prove any health benefits of smoking cigarettes. What then is the motivating factor for smoking a cigarette? Can the rehabilitation centres help anyone who wishes to stop smoking cigarettes?

There are withdrawal symptoms for individuals who desire to take steps to halt their smoking habits but health experts or rehabilitation centres can be of great help.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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