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Does anyone call the Queen by her first name? What would happen if a normal person did?

I only know of one person in the world who called her “Elizabeth” after she was about 6 or 7 years old, when her sister dubbed her “Lilibet”. That became the name her parents, sister, and cousins all used.

Prince Philip is known to call her “Bet”, when he’s not calling her “Cabbage”. “Lilibet” is still used by the older relatives. I saw a documentary filmed a few years ago where her former nanny/nurse also called her “Lilibet”. That one surprised me, but I guess it’s not easy to constantly call your charge “Your Highness” when you’re trying to get her to eat her spinach or make her bed.

So, back to the one person who called her “Elizabeth” and lived to tell the tale.

It is easy to believe that members of her immediate family (close cousins around her age) would address her by her first name.

What is a “normal person?” Isn’t Elizabeth normal? She looks normal. I don’t see a third arm, or one less eye, or any other deformities? It sure appears she has the same human systems (heart, lungs, brain, etc.) as everyone else.

These days I would not put it passed someone to call the Queen by her first name. Manners seemed to have slipped considerably these days. It’s fairly common for someone, like a receptionist or a shop clerk, to refer to a total stranger by their first name. Formal and informal seemed to have disappeared from society along with basic respect.

“Yo Liz, come in, take a load off!”

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