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Ada East records 256 HIV cases in 2021

The Ada East District HIV Coordinator, Mr Adator Anani Junior, says 256 HIV cases have been recorded in the Ada East District in 2021.

The information show that 73 cases were recorded among guys and 183 among females.

He said 61 cases were recorded among pregnant ladies, adding that 22 were known HIV customers before their present pregnancies and 39 were recently determined to have HIV in their present pregnancies.

Mr Anani in a meeting with the Ghana News Agency in Ada said the pervasiveness rate for 2021 was 2 percent in light of Ghana AIDS Commission's assessment.

He said the infection was prevalent among females between the ages of 35 to 39 and guys between 45 to 49.

The District HIV Coordinator said no less than 60% of positive patients were on treatment with 70% of those on the treatment being standard.

He said the public assumption was that somewhere around 95% of HIV-positive patients would be on treatment.

He said these objectives were equipped towards accomplishing a without aids country by 2030, saying that the current improvement in Ada East requested coordinated endeavors of every single invested individual, including youth gatherings to accomplish a sans aids Ada Community.

He said unprotected sex stayed the primary course for HIV new disease, various accomplice connections and low take-up of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) were likewise adding to new HIV contaminations in the locale.

He encouraged the patients to conform to the procedures for lessening HIV new disease, including the utilization of condoms when accomplices didn't have the foggiest idea about one another ebb and flow HIV status.

Mr Anani Jnr approached the young people, particularly those between 13 to 19 years, to do all that could be within reach to defer sex and divert their energetic energies into useful aspects of their life.

In the mean time, Dr Stephen Ayisi Addo, Manager, National AIDS/STI Control Program, said there was a flood in instances of HIV among pregnant ladies in the nation, ascribing it to the expanded trust in richness among people living with HIV.

Dr. Ayisi Addo, talking at the Stakeholder Seminar coordinated by the Ghana News Agency, clarified that information examination in a Sentinel Survey directed in 2020 uncovered that ladies who had been pregnant at least a few times had a higher commonness contrasted with first pregnancies incompletely as a result of their certainty that they could have solid children.

The review, he noted, further showed that predominance among general Antenatal Care (ANC) customers was two percent and among those with Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) such chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, among others was 10% in 2020.

Information from the HIV Estimates and AIDS Projections report additionally uncovered that 5,200 new diseases of HIV were recorded in youngsters matured 0-14.

Since the primary instance of HIV in 1986, there were right now 346,120 individuals leaving with HIV as of the finish of 2020 with 66 percent of the figure being females and around eight percent kids matured 0-14.

He said, until now, people who tried positive and became pregnant, expected that their children would turn out to be consequently sure regularly prompting the surrender of the infants.

The GNA Stakeholder Engagement is a stage for state and non-state entertainers to resolve public issues.

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