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The Pandemic Is an Emergency, And We Are Using That For-Profit - Randy Abbey Boldly Declares

The host of 'Good Morning Ghana' on Metro television, Dr. Randy Abbey, has revealed that the COVID-19 is an emergency, and we are using that emergency for profit because of the purpose of issuing a COVID-19 vaccination card has still not been realized.

Randy Abbey made this statement in today's episode of 'Good Morning Ghana' when he lamented the inability of the country to create a database that will host the details of those who have been fully vaccinated in Ghana.

According to him, let's assume that we haven't thought about it before our first dose, but between our first and second dose, we had close to two months or so to source an IT firm to capture our data and transmit it into a database. 

"I mean, how difficult is this? The Pandemic has become an emergency, and we are using that emergency to make a profit. How can you as a country explain to anybody that you've vaccinated people and have issued a card with a barcode and hologram on it, and the purpose of that is to link up to an international database so that those who have been fully vaccinated can have proof anywhere? In a month on, we are unable to do that so, people have their cards but are unable to use it for the purpose intended." He said

He added that it's just 360,000 persons who have been fully vaccinated so, how difficult can it be to create a database for them.

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