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Health Benefits from Coconuts

Whichever form in which you decide to take coconuts, they appeal to the senses. Rich in manganese, protein, fat, vitamins, copper, iron, and other nutrients, this fruit seems to be the "Bill Gates of the plant world". It can be made into several products, each benefitting us in different ways. Captured in this article is each product and how they help us.


Natural Coconut water, also known as nature's drink, refers to the juice found in young, green coconuts. It contains less sugar and carbohydrates than most juices and soft drinks and potassium, in high amounts, which helps in the prevention of nerve-related diseases like stroke, erectile dysfunction, amongst others. It’s a good source of cell repair amino acids like alanine and arginine which are known to keep the heart healthy and for their anti-diabetic properties. Drinking coconut water is a good way to keep your body and skin hydrated. They also serve as a diuretic and laxative and aid in the prevention of kidney stones.


Coconut meat is the white flesh found inside the hard, brown outer shell of the coconut when it is cracked open. It is as nutritious as coconut water, except it has more of everything. Its fibre content helps prevent constipation. For strong muscles and bones, coconut meat is the right food to eat. Not to mention the fact that they also aid in the production of red blood cells.


Obtained from the blending of the mature flesh of coconuts, coconut milk is a good alternative for those who want to avoid cow's milk, vegans, and those with lactose intolerance. Apart from being highly nutritious, they help with weight loss, muscle building, and preventing constipation and cancer. This is a tutorial on how to make coconut milk.


When used for cooking, drinking, or applying externally, coconut oil, like most parts of the coconut, helps maintain a healthy heart, normalize blood pressure, boost brain function, protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, and much more. The shortage in the supply of coconut oil comes as no surprise. This is how to make your own coconut oil.

NOTE: Coconuts should be taken in moderation.

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