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Here Are 5 Traits You Inherit From Your Mother

Must Read: 5 Traits You Inherit From Your Mother

As a child, there are certain traits that you grow up with. Usually, scientists claim there are gotten from genes and chromosomes inherited through your DNA.

No matter what happens, there is definitely some specific traits you will inherit from either your mother or father.

In today's article, we will be looking at five traits an individual inherits from his or her mother.

1. How You Lose Or Gain Weight.

As a child, your ability to lose weight depends on your mother.

According to a study published by Natures Communication, how you gain weight is inherited from your father whilst how you slim down is gotten from your mother's chromosomes.

2. Memory Retention.

As we grow old, our ability to remember diminishes. 

However, a person's ability to have a quality level of memory retention or poor memory retention is likely dependent on his or her mother.

This particular trait is usually passed on to the child by his or her mother.

3. Loyalty In Relationship.

Studies have shown that, a woman's ability to stay faithful in a relationship will likely affect that of her children. 

This simply means a woman who has marital issues or relationship problems, is likely to have the same or rarely a similar situation for her children.

Ability to stay faithful in relationship is also one trait passed on by the mother.

4. Intelligence

A new study shows the mother's intelligence will likely affect the child's level of intelligence. This is because of the two chromosomes released by the mother.

The intelligence level of a child is therefore highly dependent on the mother, since intelligence is likely passed on to a child by birth.

5. Your Ability To Focus.

Your ability to focus also depends on your mother.

If your mother has low serotonin levels, it is likely you may also develop attention disorder hyperactivity later on in life.

From a study published in JAMA psychology, it means your ability to focus may be influenced by the genes passed on by your mother.

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