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If your kidneys are in danger your body will give you these 12 signs

Over 37 million African adults live with and most do not know kidney disease. "The physical signs are numerous of renal diseases, but sometimes other conditions are attributed to them. Also, those with kidney disease tend not to experience symptoms until the very late stages, when the kidneys are failing or when there are large amounts of protein in the urine. This is one reason why only ten per cent of the chronic kidney disease people know it, "says Dr. Joseph Vassalotti, National Kidney Foundation Chief Medical Officer.

It is known as a silent killer for those of you who have suffered or suffer or meet someone who has kidney illness. What makes it even more dangerous is that most people will be diagnosed very late. Not a lot of people are sufficiently educated to know that kidney disease symptom are not silent or reluctant to cure. The symptoms don't even exist until the condition is critical in most cases. This makes it much more important to know and recognize the symptoms.

Now here are top 12 signs of kidney disease you need to be aware of:

1. Changing Of Your Urinary Function

An increase in the volume and frequency of your urination is the first symptom of kidney disease. The amount of urine you passed may be dramatically increasing or declining. Occasionally, too, you can find a darker color in your urine. You might even have the urge to urinate, but you can't. You begin to offer attention and take a note of your day to visit the washroom when you notice changes in your urinary function.

2. Difficulty Or Pain While Urinating

You may have trouble or have pain or pleasure while trying to empty your bladder. This might mean you've developed an infection of the urinary tract that is easily curable, but it's best to catch it early as it can spread to your kidneys. You can experience fever or neck pain.

3. Blood In The Urine

This is one of the unmissable symptoms, and a cause for concern, so don't ignore it if you notice it. Blood in the urine is a direct symptom of kidney disease, because the blood in the urine may also be associated with several bladder cancers, and it is necessary to visit your doctor.

4. Foamy Urine

I know that you probably think that many of these symptoms are related only to the bladder but so connected are the bladder and the kidney. When the kidneys fail, the bladder is first affected.

5. Swelling Or Oedema

Your kidneys absorb all the waste and fluids in your body. These waste and extra fluids build up in your body when they can no longer do it. In this case, the person has swelling of the feet in his hands with his or her tightness in his or her face.

6. Extreme Fatigue

If your kidneys work properly it produces an erythropoietin hormone with red oxygen-carrying blood cells. Once the kidneys malfunction, the hormone levels drop significantly, leading to exhaustion and fatigue in the organism.

7. Dizziness And Inability To Concentrate

This lack of oxygen also causes your brain to become dizzy and difficult to concentrate, when your kidney is causing you to become tired. This functions slowly when the brain needs oxygen.

8. Feeling Constantly Cold

When the kidney disease can cause your body to become anemic. This could also make you cold in warm regions. The kidney-effect pyelonephritis may also cause fever and frost.

9. Skin Rashes And Itching

Other conditions such as allergies often confuse the symptom, but rashes may be a symptom of kidney disease and failure. What causes this is a renal failure that also causes waste in your blood to accumulate. That's why the skin is seriously itchy.

10. ammonia breath and metallic

Renal urea failure in the blood increases the urea level. The urea in the saliva, which causes the breath of urine like an Ammonia, is split into an ammonia.

11. Nausea And Vomiting

You will suffer constant nausea and vomiting if your kidneys fail. It's not going to be something once. More often than not, you will experience this. This is because the accumulation of waste products must leave the body, and therefore vomit.

12. Shortness Of Breath

If the kidney disease becomes sufficiently severe, it can cause an increase in fluid in the lungs, which can cause a sense of respiration. In connection with anemia, which is going to hunger your body for oxygen. It is easy to realize that you might not necessarily have kidney damage if you have any of these symptoms. Many of these symptoms are part of certain diseases and illnesses, but if you encounter them it is worth testing or consulting your doctor. You could save your kidney and life.

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