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Check how to use this herb to treat joint pains and bones diseases like Arthritis, Rheumatism, etc

Our bone density peaks when we are young adults, typically between the ages of 25 and 30. Thereafter, as we continue to grow, our bones gradually lose density. But there are ways to combat this natural loss of bone mass such as vitamins and minerals, medications, strength training and weight bearing exercises.

The whole human body contains 206 bones. Bones are living tissue, just like all the other parts of our bodies and, as such, are constantly going through a cycle of renewal. Older bone tissue is replaced with newly formed bone tissue in a process called remodeling.

The most common causes of bone disease are or disorders are ;

Genetics. Age. Ethnicity. Occupation. Environmental factors. Bacteria, Injury etc..

The following are are common type of bones disease like

Gout Arthritis. Arthrosis. Osteochondrosis. Rheumatism. Osteoporosis. Bursitis. Synovitis.etc

This herb call Arnica

Sometimes referred to as the ‘mountain daisy’ Arnica is a perennial flower found in the mountains. Its bright yellow flowers have a long standing traditional use of relieving muscle and joint pain, as well as the appearance of bruising. Arnica contains lactones which, in the herbal format, contribute to an anti-inflammatory effect. The lactones intervene at the core of the inflammatory process by inhibiting and plays a role by regulating the immune system’s response to infection and tissue damage.

Arnica works by preventing the activation of this inflammatory substance at the very start of inflammation. One study found that 3 in 4 people suffering from mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knees experienced an improvement after using Arnica 7 days.

The preparation is simply just get enough of this flowering plant Arnica and mashed and use as paste to bandage the painful area. You can do that after taking your morning bath and remove it when you're about to take your evening, and then reapply again. Within some few days all the pains will go. Please help to share to others thank you.

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