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Is Stomach Ulcers Troubling You? Just Drink 1 Glass Of This For Five Days And Observe What Happens

Stomach ulcers are a prevalent ailment that affects a large number of people of all ages and genders. According to research, a significant proportion of adolescents and adults suffer from this condition as a result of decreased mucus on the stomach walls, which is unable to protect the stomach walls from the erosive digestive juices.

This remedy has been used as a dietary supplement for many years and has been shown to be effective in treating gastric problems. It is composed of carbon and calcium phosphates, as well as magnesium phosphates.

You should avoid sour and spicy foods while on this therapy. You Will Require The Following Items. 

3 charcoal briquettes of a medium size 

2 tbsp. natural honey 

1 mug of water 


Pestle and mortar 

Spoon made of wood

How To Prepare.

Place the three charcoal pieces in a mortar. For three minutes, grind until finer particles form. Particles should be transferred to the bowl. In a bowl, add one glass of water and stir with a spoon.

To enhance the flavor, add three tablespoons of natural honey. How To Utilize. 

Consume one cup of this daily to help your condition improve. It is recommended that you chew and swallow any larger coal fragments that may have slipped through the grinder. You must continue to use this home remedy for a period of time before it becomes fully effective.

Consult a physician if your ulcer persists. 

Medical forecasters have since developed an activated charcoal pill that has been shown to be beneficial for detoxification during poisoning and cholesterol reduction.

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