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I am the source of my sister's death but nobody knows it

What others views as a normal mistake is not something everyone can see as a normal mistake. Sometimes we become adamant to the little precautionary measures that can save us. I always knew my sister was allergic to pork meat or bacon as it is literally referred to as. She never tasted some before and she always talked about hating it but I thought she was just been childish. I should have been more cautious, and she could have been alive today. 

After work, I usually pass by the usual bacon boutique where they have smoked and fried pork in all sizes. I like my soft and easy to chew and digest. My love for the meat has since been when I was young. I can eat a half pork for the day if it is well and spicy prepared. I took a bowl full of the meat and came home. As soon as my sister Emily saw it, she grew interest to the aroma of the packed meat. 

She asked if it was pork since she knows I usually prefers that. I said no jokingly. I just wanted to see her reaction to it. She requested to taste some and I gave her the whole container to have as much as she wanted. She took three and started asking for more. She immediately grew love for the meat but I couldn't tell her she has just taken in pork. 

I should have stopped her but I was waiting for her to finish enjoying the meat before I wanted to tell her she can start enjoying bacon since she has tasted some tonight. I sat there watching as she enjoy almost half of the entire meat until she came to a stomach full. I still couldn't tell her because I was amazed at how someone who hates pork and has never tasted some before couldn't see it was pork, but kept on enjoying it. 

We went off to bed and nothing happened that evening. I refused to tell her the truth. She called me in the middle of the night about having throat and stomach itches. I asked her if she has taken drugs for malaria because certain malaria drugs causes itches. I gave her lemon water and she was still complaining. She asked if the meat was actually not pork, I told her it wasn't. 

It was getting ugly and I took her to the military hospital. Doctors rushed to her and they conducted series of test but couldn't determine what was happening to her. She later complained about chest pains. I told the doctors she hasn't fell and was perfect before she went to bed. They asked me what she ate and I couldn't tell them the truth. She went to coma in the morning and she never returned again. 

After the postmortem, it was revealed she ate something she is allergic to it. A particular meat. The doctor's report concluded and that was when I knew it was the meat. I felt sad the whole week and couldn't do anything. I couldn't tell the family about the postmortem because it would have ended my life. She has been buried and I still can't seem to have peace for myself. I failed her and nobody even knows I was the one who sent her to early grave. 

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