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10 Signs To See Death Is Near

No one can predict the moment of death. Certain symptoms are associated with the body shutting down. These signs of approaching death are specific to the natural dying process. Not all dying symptoms show up on every person but most people experience some combination in their final days or hours.

The following are some symptoms to notice if you are about to kick the bucket;

  • loss of appetite: Once a person starts experiencing appetite loss, then he or she must start seeing the doctor for medical care. During this time the person is not able to eat and therefore feels weak in all the doings.
  • Excess fatigue: having fatigue is normal in our daily lives but excess fatigue makes it abnormal. Here a person will begin to feel weak in the course of their daily activities.
  • Increased physical weakness: here also, weakness is a normal thing people experience but when it becomes so abnormal then you should be careful because you might surely meet your death.
  • Mental confusion or disorientation: since the body is dying, the brain will begin to misbehave and cause you a great deal of confusion.
  • Laboured breathing: when you become too weak, you will find breathing very difficult. Sometimes you will find it very difficult to use straw and others.
  • Social withdrawal: once the body feels weak and wanting to die, the person will begin to distance himself from other people in the community.
  • Changes in Urination: since a person loses an appetite for both water and food, the person will not get time for food and water and thus the person will begin to see changes in his or her urinary organ. Sometimes the colour will be brown, red and others.
  • Swelling in the feet and ankle: slowly when a person is on the way to death, the feet and ankles will get swollen and at times affects the whole body. When a person begins to see all these things then he or she must be careful.
  • Coolness in the tips of fingers and toes: when the body becomes weak, the whole system gets cooler and death follows. It is therefore advisable to seek medical attention when such symptoms prevail.
  • Mottled veins: another factor that will let you see you are approaching your grave is the mottling of the veins and sweating too much. When the veins get mottled, blood is not able to pass through them leaving the body vulnerable to all diseases. This is the final stage of a person symptoms to death.

For these reasons, it is advisable to keep the body safe and seek proper medical care when you begin seeing some slight changed in your health.

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