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"I feel Like Crying" Meet The Young Girl Who Lost Almost Her Whole Body Because Of What Happened

Most people complain they have no food to eat, and some also complain about money without being appreciating the little that they have got. No matter the situation you find yourself, just learn to appreciate anything that God has given unto you, because other people want the same thing you have but they couldn't get it.

When this little girl was just three years old and lost both her legs, now i will tell you about the young girl who suffered a life threatening accident. Like everybody else, she tried to survive by crawling with a local basketball section to ensure her life was pushed on once her legs had been amputated by doctors.

The girl who's known by the name Hongyan is walking in the school and at home using brushes as crutches, replacing Basketball when she wears off. In 2015 she received a new artificial leg pair, but she still can't get inside or outside. She likes diving, she has a swimming pool, she wishes to live a life like any other person but her condition sometimes restricts her from doing so.

Nobody chooses to be disabled and nobody wants suffer from a life threatening disease but only God knows what everybody will go through in life. Her story is a touching one which should make everybody who come across this post understand that calamity seize to befall not because you are perfect, God decides what everyone will go through in life which no one has any commanding power to avert it.

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