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Good for men with prostate problems

Maize is one of the most commonly used products in Africa particular, Ghana, for making a variety of food across the country. In Ghana maize or corn can be used to make kenkey, banku, akole, Tuozaa fie and many more. Maize or corn belongs to a group of cereals. It is grown in all sixteen regions of Ghana. Apart from serving as a food supplement, maize with its silk also donates to the treatment of diseases like gonorrhoea, prostate cancer and many others.

In this article, we will be looking at how corn silk is used in the treatment of prostate cancer or prostate enlargement. Many people have or are suffering from this ailment and they have been spending huge sums of money for treatment in various hospitals but to no avail. Let me take you straight into the process.

1. Get the corn silk (dry or wet) in enough quantity.

2. Put a reasonable amount on fire, when it starts to boil then add the corn silk and allow it to boil for fifteen to twenty minutes, then take it off.

3. Leave for fifteen minutes for it cool, take a cup of your choice a little bit big and drink it every morning and evening for a month. This will startle you, it works like magic believe it or not you will thank me later.

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