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Do you know why mentally ill persons, known as ‘mad people’ hardly fall sick? Check this out

Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changes in emotion, thinking or behavior (or a combination of these).Persons with mental illness shows many signs including withdrawal from families, friends and social activities.

According to medical experts, mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of; it is a medical problem, just like any other problems. People with mental health issues have far more sides to them than their mental illnesses.

In our parts of the world, whiles some persons with mental illness, (popularly referred to as ‘mad people’), are seen spending their times sitting or lying down alone, many are also seen spending most of their time walking bare footed, from one community to another.

We often see these ‘mad people‘, do many weird things that the normal people wouldn’t do. We see them picking drops of food from the ground and eating them, they are seen sleeping on streets and unfavorable places, where they are exposed to bad weathers, mosquitoes etc.

Have you ever seen any of these ‘mad people‘ fall sick…or how often do you see them fall sick? 

Our topic here is; how do these mentally ill people manage to spend most of their time walking barefooted from place to place, eating anything (good or bad), sleeping anywhere, yet always look healthy.

Whiles people complain, that walking barefoot hurts their feet, medical experts says walking barefoot some health benefits. Besides walking being a form of exercise, experts say walking barefoot; especially on stones are important steps to better health.

According to medical experts, walking barefoot help reduce tension and lower blood pressure; that is why in China, the government encourages construction of cobblestone footpaths to improve fitness and overall health. 

Also in the United States of American, there are some types of footwear with very thin sole currently in use by people. The footwear was designed in such a way that, wearing it and walking around makes you feel the ground, as if you are walking barefoot. 

If walking is a form of exercise; and regular exercise is a key to Red Blood Cells production, and promotes overall wellness, then this could be one important reason why mentally ill people (mad people), hardly fall sick despite their living conditions.

Some religious experts have also revealed that, another important secret of good health and long life is eating less, and walking barefoot. As already mentioned, these ‘mad people’ spends most of their life walking bare footed. We also know, that mostly because these people do not have people who feed them, they walk… and walk for several hours until they find something to eat; this could mean they eat less in a day.

Do you want to reduce weight, don’t worry; doctors have advised, that regular walking (at least 20 minutes a day) barefoot is very helpful.


Walking barefoot also health the human body to have the direct contact with the earth.

Again, experts have taught us, barefoot contact with the earth can produce nearly instant changes in a variety of physiological measures, helping to improve sleep, reduce pain, decrease muscle tension and lower stress.

Barefoot contact with the earth significantly reduce blood viscosity; a major factor in cardiovascular disease; decreases cortisol levels; delays the onset of muscle soreness; reduces perception of pain; reduces inflammation and chronic stress; reduces the primary indicators of osteoporosis.

Now I believe you understand why mentally sick persons (mad people) hardly fall sick.

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