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Are You Tired Of Frequent Urination? Then Check This Out.

Have you been wondering how to keep your bladder safe and to avoid frequent urination? Infact frequent urination can be distrubing, most especially at night as your sleep can be disrupted. Worry no more, the following will help you on how to choose your foods and drinks.

Caffeine Can Make You Go Early and Often: Coffee, tea, energy drinks can lead to more and frequent urination. Drinks which contain acid can disturb the bladder. Try low- acid coffees or drinks.

Go For White Chocolate Instead: A red flag alert- Chocolates contain caffeine and acid. So eat less of it, and don' t snack on it late in the evening. If possible try white chocolate, since it has little amount of caffeine or no caffeine.

Too Many Tomatoes Can Trigger The Urge: This food is acidic and can disturb your bladder. Try to cut down on tomato- based foods like chilli, spaghetti sauce, and ketchup.

Less Alcohol Equals More Control: These drinks, wine, liquor, Bear- - alcohol in any form can make you pee frequently. It also interferes with brain signals to the bladder about when to visit the urinal. So reduce how much you drink, or better still stop drinking if you have sensitivity.

Avoid Raw Onions: If possible cook them to make them easier on your system. You can also go in for milder onion- like shallot.

Choose Carefully From the Fruit Basket: Have it in mind it is not only citrus fruits that can trigger the need to urination. Fruits like bananas, apples, and grapes could also be to blamed too. If you think a certain food makes you urinate more, then you ought to stop eating it for a while, and maybe start again in small amounts to see if the symptoms return.

You can try as much as possible to stop patronizing on processed foods and concentrate on your home based prepared foods. The artificial flavors, addictive and preservatives can also leads to frequent visits to the urinal.

Disclaimer: pictures used do not have labels because, the article is not intended to sabotage anyone' s business. It' s up to you to read the contents of what you patronize outside for benefits of your health

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