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I Drink Water Every Night Before Going To Bed And This Is What Happened To Me

Do you know drinking water before going to bed can lead to death?

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As I quizzed earlier, studies, research and science have come to understand how our body responds to excess water especially when we drink water before going to bed. I drink water every night before I go to bed, but each time I do, something strange happens to me.

After noticing those strange things for several nights, I decided to do some research and here is what I found on some verified sites.

What Happens When You Drink Water Before Going To Bed?

What is Nocturia (Excessive Urination at Night)?

After some research, I found out the practice could lead to several ‘abnormal’ health issues, however, the one that I would want to share with you is what is called NOCTURIA. According to Mayo Clinic, Nocturia is a health condition in which you wake up during the nights because you have to urinate.

Apart from medical conditions like pregnancy and ageing, another cause of Nocturia is linked to the intake of liquids or water right before going to bed.

So why should you be concerned?

Nocturia (Waking up to Pee at Night) - Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis &  Treatment

Nocturia can develop or have several side effects which I believe you should know.

# It can affect cognitive functioning, that is, affecting your memory.

# It can lead to obesity

# It can be a sign that your heart is in danger

# It causes depression

# It can also make diabetes worse

What you must do?

As stated, its main cause is the intake of water close to bedtime, hence you can give intervals or have timings on how to go about this. However, you must see a doctor if you have a strong urge or pains in passing urine. If you notice blood in your urine please contact your doctor immediately.

How many minutes do wait after drinking before going to bed?

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