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Your health, your life.

               Your heart, your life.                           Health is a very important thing that everyone must take serious. Per my research and observation on health and health related issues and how people understand their health conditions,it made me understand clearly that many people are suffering from some diseases which their trying to find solution to it but no avail.

Out of these, I want to put a suggestions across that if possible, government through ministry of health should start effective public health education to enable people understand, whatever maybe happening to them.

Today I want to talk about heart and its related's an important organ and have been performing tremendous works in our body system.There are a lots of heart related Signs and symptoms which may not be necessarily means that the heart itself is having problem. But because of it's functions, other sicknesses show up their symptoms through the heart.

Somebody may ask how?

Example; heart beat,heart burns,pains within the heart, dizziness, etc.these and many more heart related issues not always means you are having heart problem.because weak veins, thick blood(blood cloth) high level of chopreterol etc.all these sicknesses show up their symptoms through heart.

Why? because it's the responsibility of the heart to make sure that the blood get to all parts of the body system. So in the process of it's duty to pump the blood and it happened that the blood is clothed, the blood is full of cholesterol or the path in which the blood will flow through is not straight and is preventing the blood from get to where it suppose go, then put pressure on the heart.Then after what you will observe is to feel all sort of abnormalities about your heart.

But it doesn't mean the heart is having problem so if you don't understand and quickly jump onto heart medicines thinking that you are treating heart disease,before the person get to know he or she will create a problems for the heart in the long run.

The correct treatment is to get a medicines which could melt the cholesterol and wash the blood streams and also to boost and straightene the veins in which the blood can flows through easily.

By setting a practical example of how heart works.

When are given a lorry tyre to pump and something have block the tube and preventing the air from entering the tyre, you could see the pressures on you that doesn't means you are sick or you have problem. So if you are to solve that problem, will you buy medicines for yourself or you will find a way to clear the tube?

Let's me see your answer at comment section.

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