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Woman Who Lives In Water

Some people have weird hobbies, some have weird passion for something while some have obsession about things that they can do anything for that. You have surely read about people who eat weird things or have weird hobbies but today I am going to tell you about a woman who have something very unusual obsession and it will literally shock you.

A lady named Paturani Hosh lives in Vardhman of West Bengal. Paturani is quite old and she has a weird obsession for water. She is living in water from past 20 years. According to reports, she used to live in Murshidabad but all her family members died so she came to Vardhman to live with daughter.

Her daughter said that her mother eats rice only twice a month and because of this she doesn’t even go for poop. She has breathing problem and so she decided to live in water only. Now she is much relaxed since the day she started to live in water. It’s been 20 years now and she is still in water.

The strange thing about this lady is that she got fine when she started living in water otherwise she was facing many health problems. In fact, she doesn’t get ill or any kind of diseases after that. People are shocked to see her living deep in water. Doctors said that the lady is suffering from mental illness and that is the reason that she can finely stay in water throughout the year.

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