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Do you drink water often ? If not, then you need to see this.

Water makes up more than half the weight of a human body. Water helps the body systems function. Without enough water, the body systems cannot do their jobs. For example, the circulatory system depends on water as the major part of blood. A lack of water could decrease the amount of blood in the body.

The digestive system also depends on water. The body uses water in the process of getting nutrients from food. A lack of water could decrease the amount of food that is digested. When less food is digested, few nutrients will reach the body's cells. With fewer nutrients the body cannot get as much energy.

Drinking enough water can prevent many health problems. Most people should drink eight glasses of water each day. This is usually enough to replace the water that is lost by the body. The body loses water during urination, bathing, and sweating. When people sweat a lot it's because of heat or exercise, they need to drink extra water.

Note : Dehydration is the condition of not drinking enough water. It causes severe health risk, including death. It is important to drink enough water, especially when exercising or when the weather is hot.

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