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How Paracetamol Can Be Dangerous To You?

Acetaminophen which is generally known as paracetamol is analgesic drug. Analgesic drugs are a type of medication that relieves pain without making the person unconscious. paracetamol is However also used to treat to treat fever in children. paracetamol is one of the most widely used drug in the world if the not the most used. they are used to also treat headache and any other pains of the body. Because of its quick relieve of pains, treat of fever, people abused paracetamol. some people take paracetamol whenever the feel even a slight pain in their body. some people used as daily routine drug. and take it everyday.

infact one of the most prescribed drugs in the hospital is paracetamol. Doctors even prescribed paracetamol whenever patient complain of pains in the body. people take it after surgical procedure to reduce pains. Many monoposausal ladies also take it every month to relieved the pains they go through. However paracetamol can cause Liver failure if abused. Paracetamol is metabolized in in the liver and therefore its metabolites has been proved to harmful to the liver. research has proved that paracetamol is the cause cause of many liver failures. When you take oral drug , the drug after it has been absorbed into circulation would have to be metabolized so that it can be excreted. oral drugs can't be excreted without being metabolized.

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