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If You Take Bananas Consistently For A Month, This Is What Will Happen To Your Body

Bananas indeed are a great food to eat at any time of the day and week. They are rich in micro-nutrients like potassium, magnesium etc. They also contain lots of fibre, and instantly fill you with energy when you have them.

You'll never look at a banana the same way again after discovering the many health benefits and reasons to add them to your diet. Bananas combat depression, make you smarter, cure hangovers, relieve morning sickness, protect against kidney cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and blindness. 

1.You can lower your risk of kidney cancer 

Having kidney cancer is one of the most dreadful diseases that everyone would rather avoid at all costs. You can lessen your risk of kidney cancer by eating bananas on a regular basis. This is because bananas contain antioxidant phenolic compounds.

2. You can improve your skin.

You're seeking for a natural solution to improve your skin's quality? Consume bananas on a daily basis. In bananas, vitamins and minerals including manganese (which increases collagen production) may be found, which helps to heal your skin. Let me know what you think.

3. Bananas lower high blood pressure.

Studies show eating as little as three bananas a day may lower your blood pressure significantly. A medium-sized banana has about 422 mg of potassium and is nearly sodium-free. The high potassium-to-sodium ratio helps to neutralize the blood pressure-rising effect of sodium in the diet.

4. Bananas help create healthy cells.

Bananas are rich in vitamin B6, containing 20 percent of the daily amount required for adult intake. Vitamin B6 helps the body produce insulin, hemoglobin and nonessential amino acids necessary to create healthy cells. It also helps with the production of antibodies that fight infections

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