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10 Foods That Contribute The Most To Weight Gain

While we tend to associate everything with "fat" as a high-calorie food, there are other foods that contribute much more significantly to adding a lot of calories, most of which are empty, viz. Its nutritional value and therefore contributes more than others to fat accumulation. Moreover, those with added sugar are not only high in calories, but also increase inflammation and make it very difficult to lose weight. Regular consumption of these foods leads to weight gain and obesity over time, so eliminating them from your diet is important not only to avoid weight gain but also to stay healthy.

1. Margarine: Made from vegetable oil, it is very high in calories and there is a big misconception that replacing butter with margarine is a healthy choice because it is low in fat, but in reality margarine is made from vegetable oils and salt, and emulsifiers, which increase inflammation in the body and can cause inflammation. belly fat. Please stick with regular oil.

2. Pizza: It is one of the most popular junk food in the world. So you better save pizza for your cheat days because it's made with refined flour, unhealthy fats, sodium - all of which promote weight loss. Read also:

3. Ice Cream: It's easy to see why we ask you to stay away from ice cream and frozen desserts — it's all because of the sugar and calories in them.

4. French Fries: If you are trying to be healthy and lose weight, avoid them as they are high in fat content and empty calories add up and make it difficult to lose weight. A new study also suggests that factory-made French fries may contain a compound called "acrylamide," which may increase the risk of cancer.

5. Potato chips: Potato chips are not suitable, even baked ones, because when potatoes are roasted at very high temperatures, they release a compound called acrylamide, which, as noted above, can cause cancer. Acrylamide has also been linked to abdominal obesity. Research has found that baked chips typically contain three times more acrylamide than regular fried chips. While potato chips are delicious, an easy breakfast option, and your friend when you're bored — chips are terrible when you're trying to lose weight from the middle.

6. Jam: Fruit jam is an ideal spread for toast and bread, but is high in sugar, which can increase insulin and cause weight gain with regular use.

7. Sweetened Fizzy Drinks: Every kind of fizzy drink is bad for weight loss, diet sodas contain lots of artificial sweeteners which are just as bad as refined sugar. Soft drinks have been linked to sugar and empty calories, so cut them out.

8. Cookies: Cookies are made from all the fancy ingredients — flour, sugar, and also contain trans fat — all of which increase belly fat and overall weight.

9. Junk Food: Burgers, donuts, and anything you can buy at a fast food restaurant are high in calories and refined carbohydrates.

10. Processed foods: Most are made from refined flour and have unhealthy ingredients that are not good for weight gain or overall health.

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