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The health benefits for eating pawpaw (papaya) at least a day.

Pawpaw is a delicious fruit that enjoyed by most peoples in the world when ripe. This can be eaten raw alone or with other foods.

Get to know that pawpaw is the fruit of the Carica Papaya   plant.

Now let look at why you must consume more pawpaw in your life .

1.    Pawpaw contain the enzyme called the papain that when added to meat it breakdown the tough protein chain in the meat making it soft for chewing .

2.    Pawpaw contain several minerals such as calcium , magnesium and vitamins such as B1, B3, B5 , E and high in A and C .

3.    Pawpaw contain healthy antioxidant called the carotenoids especially lycopene . This antioxidant is better absorb from the pawpaw than other fruit and vegetables .

Note that , there are free radicals produce during the body daily metabolism activities which can cause oxidative stress which lead to disease of the body but when you consume pawpaw, it help to neutralize  these free radicals with the antioxidant it contains.

4.    The antioxidant carotenoid especially the lycopene  contain in the pawpaw  help to reduce risk to cancer .

5.    The carotenoid contain in the pawpaw and the Vitamin C help in protection for your skin .

Note that the pawpaw can be eaten raw but with some people the eat both the ripe and the unripe one too. But to pregnant women let be careful of the unripe pawpaw be cause it contain latex that stimulate contraction .

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