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Pastor Kelvin Discovers A Herbal Potential Cure For Covid 19.

Pastor Kelvin Odoom,the humble grandson of His Excellency Former President Dr.Hilla Limann has stated categorically that the covid 19 virus can be cured by using the natural herbs God gave to us. He said the government should try and also make a good use of the herbs to get rid of covid 19 amicably so that our lives can go back to normal fully.

He said God has blessed Africa with the herbs and with regards to the covid 19,he sees covid as a higher modified of fever. So when he looks at the symptoms of covid 19,it shows that it can be cured with natural herbs. Sneezing,coughing,difficulty in breathing,fatigue,etc are the major symptoms of covid 19, thereby this means covid 19 has a cure but many don't really have idea of what to use as a cure. I urge all ghanaians to continue eating the herbs to keep their immune system strong and fit.

Pastor Kelvin furtherly spoke of Tumeric as a powerful herb which he thinks can cure covid 19 faster and safer. So he appeals to the president of Ghana to let the medical experts weigh his suggestions and let FDA check on the submissions made about the Tumeric.

Those who don't know Tumeric,can check put the pictures below. We have Tumeric and Tumeric powder. Tumeric powder is the refined form of Tumeric itself.

Pastor Kelvin said," According to research,Tumeric is a natural immune booster. It also cures fever,catarrhs or common colds,fatigue,jaundice,liver,kidney etc. So this makes Tumeric very exceptional when it comes to treatment. So you can grind Tumeric,ginger and garlic together and boil it. Drink it three times daily and add vitamin C (500mg to 1000mg) and you shall see that covid 19 shall be a thing of the past."Covid only kills based on immune system and those with chronic diseases but Tumeric has the healing power to cure some of these chronic diseases of the aged.

Pastor Kelvin furtherly asserted that,there are several mediums or herbal ways of treating covid 19 since it is fever. He said the whites were dieing more because of their whether and naturally their blood cannot stand fever or malaria if even a single small mosquito bites them. So our everything is totally different from them,even with the food we eat.He said,we have to use the gift God gave to us pave a way for us.

We hope our president calls Pastor Kelvin for the treatment of Covid 19 and ask him special ways of treating and doing away with the pandemic because he is a genius.

Pastor Kelvin stated categorically that,if the country has money,we have to invest in astronomy to be able to do away with this pandemic. We can create a technology with waves that can burn the virus totally when we project the technology into the sun,so that anyone with covid 19 will be burnt away with virus totally from the sun through the power of radiation to keep our bodies safe from covid 19.We can go into space and fix that technology that can minimize the reactions of the virus in and out of the human body,of possible. So we can call upon NASA space shift or aerospace team and team up with them to achieve that main target of letting our lives go back to normal fully.

Also he said,that government should ensure more of prayers and fastings to keep the country from harm. Because it is not him that willeth or runneth but it is God that showeth mercy. As the bible says in Psalm 23,".... Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me", so everyone must ensure they observe the safety protocols and abide by the government principles for orderly living as we work and will work hard as a national with all thy might to bring the national back to normal.

So we also have to call upon the spiritual leaders to pray for Ghana that God's hand of mercy rest upon Ghana. We know the active cases are dropping gradually but we have to pray to God to prevent incoming deaths,he asserted.

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