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Old man spotted swimming while wearing his nose mask causes stir

Hilarious moment an old man was spotted swimming in a pool while wearing his nose mask to protect himself from others who were in the swimming pool with him.Who knows, any of them might have the deadly coronavirus.

In a new viral video making rounds on the internet, an old aged man who was seen swimming together with other people was spotted wearing his nose mask, clearly he is not giving coronavirus a chance at all. What has got people talking is how the old man was able to dive beneath the swimming pool while wearing nose mask. Wearing nose mask normal is so uncomfortable to many, how much more wearing it under water.

In as much as this may look funny to some of us, this old man is protecting himself at all cost in every condition, whether fire or water, he wouldn't take any chances. I thought he might have forgotten that he was wearing a nose mask like some of us do forget, but he fixed the mask well on his face when it tried to come off after diving, which means he was well aware.

Coronavirus since it existence had claim lives of many leaving the world gripped in fear over contracting the virus and engaging in the normal routine of people all over the world. Different precautionary measures are being put in places in various countries all over the world to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Some of these precautionary measures which is common in many countries includes wearing of nose mask, washing of hands and social distancing. Infact the wearing of nose mask is now a normal routine in the lives of everybody until the pandemic is completely over.

Content created and supplied by: KwesiFaithful (via Opera News )


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