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Treat your kidney stones and body inflammation with Agbanisoko leaf

Look at picture of AgbanisokoAgbanisoko is a leaf that is medicinal in reality. It's amazing about the uses of this leaf in the parts of Ghana.

Uses of Agbanisoko

1 a grass that is used to cure inflammation of the body. We grind it with just a little water and apply it at the infected part of the body.

2 Agbanisoko is also used spiritually to prevent attacks of the evil ones and evil spirit. This is a blessed tree by God.

3 Another use of Agbanisoko in the northern region of Ghana is used in chasing ants and mosquitoes in the room. This is done by merely plucking and putting it in the room.

This is the way of grinding it , the picture is shown below

Most northerners use it to cure kidney stones and also used for perfumes. Agbanisoko is a very good leaf(grass) for your body health.

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Agbanisoko AgbanisokoAgbanisoko


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