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Opinion: Woes of health workers in Ghana

The era of COVID 19 has brought to light the sacrifice and the importance of health workers. Frontliners as they are referred to in the war against the unseen enemy. By the way these are some facts you should know about COVID19 .

Now back to my subject of the day. Are you a health worker in Ghana? Today lets deal with the plight of Doctors; nurses and laboratory scientists will have a fresh page another day.

With a profession like medicine from the onset you should psyche yourself that it’s a selfless service and that it’s not a bed of roses.

If you’re a health work then you can relate to what is described in this passage. The most popular answer you will get from every health-worker during his or her days as a student or under training is that they are in the field because of passion to the serve the society.

But it seems the story changes when reality sets in yes this ever changing world economy alters the focus. What happened to the passion? you get to know that passion doesn’t pay bills or put food on your table. Sometimes you have to pay for your medical bills and in the most scenarios you have to pay off student loans. Passion doesn’t guarantee get interest-free loans.

Woes of medical training in Ghana is another subject for another day but this is what Hon. Kennedy Agyapongs thinks about it.

If i should mount an online space for the various job descriptions in the health field to document their plight i would shoot a tv series and whole novel can be written but hey let me present to you the experience of one twitter user named cake lover.


7 years of medical school (say you graduate at 25), 2 years of house job (27years by then), sit at home for some 6months because government hasn’t posted you for obvious reasons (they would post you to places they won’t send their kids instead of making those places great just like hospitals in the city)- the government doesn’t post doctors straight away as it stands all eligible doctors have to send an application when clearance is given and the portals are opened , so you start “MOship” (Houseman // medical officer) on your 28th birthday, facility requires you serve them for like 3years before they allow you write primaries, you write primaries around 31years (hopefully you pass if you don’t fall in the hands of those who believe “no one passes at first attempt”), enter a 3 or 7 year residency program but lets assume 3 years for this writeup and hopefully you pass your finals at age 34. You go back to the facility that “sponsored” you and serve them for say another 3 years (37years).


You want to go back and become a Senior Specialist so you go through the 3-year cycle again (41years) Return and serve the facility for another 3 or so years… 44years. Sometimes facility doesn’t “pay the fees” so you need to fight that battle.

You have kids in school, rent to pay, dash people something small here and there (they won’t believe doctor can be broke), fuel your car, eat etc… Tell me, when will you build a house, afford good education for your kids, live comfortably, enjoy the fruits of your labour (because you retire at 60).

The leaders of the medical and dental council need to seek and lobby for better conditions of service. Policy makers need to pay attention to the health sector and the well-being of health-workers. The investment made to become a medical officer is a huge one.

Let me go and look for my businessman to marry

this was funny one but hey as woman I think she has seen the light you will need a hand-some and supportive partner in this ever changing economy


You definitely need a side hustle as a doctor if things don’t change any time soon you aren’t going earn much (i don’t want to disclose figure) but compared to your workload is never a fair deal . Late nights , weekends and even holidays.

You might get frustrated by the system.

I am not saying drop out of school but take entrepreneurship and financial literacy seriously you will need it on this journey.

And hey We will need lot of health-workers to run the over 90 plus health facilities President Nana Akuffo Addo promised.

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana and Make Our Nation Great And Strong.

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Ghana Kennedy Agyapongs


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