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If You Don't Want to Die Young, Then Stop These 6 Habits That Send People to Their Early Graves

Living longer has become rare these days due to some habits we do in our daily lives. In this special edition of my article, I am going to enlighten your mind on some habits that leads to high mortality rate, especially in the youth. The world is already facing hardship and people are passing on by diseases and others yet, most young people live life anyhow they want it.

It is good to enjoy and live life, but is important to check if your life is in danger or not. You can testify to the fact that most of the people losing their lives these days are the youth and there are reasons to that. The lost of respect and obedience are factors contributing to this alarming situation. There are certain things too that young people do that put their lives at risk without them knowing.

This information does not go for the youth only, but rather everyone. As far as we are all humans, this information must concern us. Nobody got two lives, we all got one and it is very important to take good care of it as long as we living. High increase in mortality rate in the world now is as results of these things people do:

• Smoking and alcoholism

Most people claim they drink or smoke for fun, for releasing stress and anxiety and for getting rid of their life problems. But this habit can cause massive destruction to human health and declines life expectancy. Most people too engage themselves in taking drugs. All these cause early death.

• Immoral lifestyle

Most people boast themselves with the number of women or men they get laid with. This is actually funny, because at the end, they contract STDs that deteriorate their health and lead them to their early graves. You might talk of protection, but trust me such thing is not worth it anymore. Abstaining from immoral sexual behaviors or staying with only one partner is worth it. Many people have passed on as a result of STDs and infections.

• Unhealthy diet

What do you eat? Do you just grab anything just because you are hungry? The foods we eat is what sometimes lowers out life expectancy. Most foods contain toxins that are threat to the human immune system. When these toxins get into the body, they weakens the immune system and open way for diseases.

• Lack of exercise

Most people find exercising something lazy to do, but it is essential to care for your health in that way. People who don't exercise tend to be weaker as they're growing than those who exercise. Lack of exercise exposes the human body to several disease attacks.

• Womanizing

Don't think you are a champion because of the number of women you propose to and get laid with. As you are giving your strength to women, you are gradually ending your life slowly. This is not for only men, but ladies as well.

• Prodigal lifestyle

The reason why most young people get to their early graves is because this kind of lifestyle. Most people live to impress, they engage in all kinds of dangerous activities to impress friends and others. Partying and drinking are the thing young people find cool to do. But these habits cause low life expectancy.

If you don't want to die young, quit smoking and even if you will drink, do that moderately. Also, stop womanizing as a young man and as a young lady, don't give chance for men to have their way with you. If you are in a relationship, stick to one partner only. Exercise a lot and check the kinds of foods you eat everyday.




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